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NBC’s Revolution Blasts Out of the Gates: TV Review

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I wouldn’t have expected anything less from J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot Productions and a Pilot directed by John Favreau. My only worry is that things could go downhill really quickly.

The thing about these kinds of shows, especially for us Nerds is that for every “Lost”, you get stuff like “The Event”, “Terra Nova” and “V”. The ratio of excellent shows that require us to pay attention to the plot and invest our brain cells are very skewed in the direction of shows that end up being one or two season wonders that never make it. The premise of Revolution leaves a million questions, how they go about answering them and leading us sniffing around the clues is yet to be determined. So far, we’re asked to throw conventional science theory out the window, as anything requiring energy, from appliances and gadgets to the machinery in cars has been rendered inoperable. So, we have to go with them that after 15 years since all of that energy was wiped from the planet nobody has figured out how to re-engineer, or even reverse engineer…anything. Society is back to Bows and Arrows, swords, with a splattering of those who still of guns. Which the maintenance and manufacturing of bullets I won’t dive into despite everything else being impossible. In the case of the US, the Government has fallen, and Militias/Republics reign supreme, we’re our characters take place a General Monroe seems to be the one in power of his republic, that seems to be the Chicago/Illinois area at the least.

First, if you’re about to scream “They’re copying Hunger Games!” remember that this show was created/produced/written before that movie broke out, so just because a girl is using a crossbow on doesn’t mean their copying a different concept. Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) is the central character in this show it seems, with her asthma afflicted brother (interesting idea how they’re doing it with no modern medicine) playing a side role, since he get’s caught by Monroes lacky Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) who is really the bad guy that you love to hate. Heck, I was pulling for Neville from the second I saw him, but that could be attributed that Giancarlo Esposito, which I dare you to try and spell off the top of your head without double checking; is a damn good actor that I hope will be carrying the weight of being the designated bad guy for the show. Charlies dad knows something about the blackout, since well, he says so in the very beginning, telling his wife (who apparently died/disappeared, I’m going with she’ll make a cameo at some point that she’s alive and well) then he puts some kind of file in a magic necklace that we see an identical one of being used by someone else in the end of the episode that can turn power back on.

Oh and then connect a modem and send it over a phone line to a different machine and they have a MS-DOS text chat. Also, sword fighting Ninja white dudes. Ice in a army tent in a field encampment, and former Google Employees with nothing to offer to society now. Remember, throw your knowledge of conventional science out the window, this is TV after all.

There was a lot that happened in this Pilot, was I entertained? Yes. Am I a sold fanboy? No, it’ll take at least 3 more episodes of this show to decide that. You can’t start something off with John Favreau directing and expect to get that kind of quality throughout, he’s a one of a kind. I will say that this show is worth a shot if you don’t get too picky about the SCIENCE! of things. Psychics is a bitch. I’ll do a solid weigh in on this show once we’ve hit the 4 or 5 episode stride, see how it handles the “Character Building!” boring episodes and if it’s worth more of my time. I’ll be watching Revolution for the time being, they’re going to have to earn my following the whole season though.

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