NBA 2K10 comes with furniture

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NBA 2K10, 2K Sports popular yearly Basketball franchise is about to be released and to celebrate a decade of the franchise 2K are releasing a special edition (act surprised).  Costing $99 the package includes the game, an exclusive Kobe Bryant figurine by McFarlane Toys, a Kobe Bryant poster, a video about the NBA 2K series, and an account on the “Gold Room,” a special VIP online lobby for the game.  The figure is a nice addition especially because it’s made by McFarlane Toys who put out high quality figures and I’m sure the poster could be nice if you’re into that sort of thing but the video will probably go unwatched and what the hell is the “Gold Room”?.  Not only does the package include all of this it also includes a storage locker designed to hold up to 20 games, does anybody really want to buy a game that comes with furniture?  I’m sure most gamers already have their own ways of storing their games collections and don’t need a storage locker that’ll probably break after a couple of months.  What do you guys think, are any of you planning of picking up this special edition?

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