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Natural Selection 2 Enters Closed Beta

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In 2004, I was struggling to finish my senior year of high school. My parents blamed my poor performance on “senioritis” and general apathy. However, they could not have been more incorrect. Little did they know that a horror had been unleashed, that an obsession had been born… an obsession named Natural Selection. From the first time I joined a squad, I was hooked, and everything else in life just didn’t matter quite as much. As such, I’m sure you can understand my excitement for a standalone sequel developed by Unknown Worlds, the same people that brought us the first title.

A mod for the first Half-Life, Natural Selection combined two of my favorite genres: First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategy. The game features a Marines vs Aliens motif, as each time fights to control large maps and destroy each others base. The RTS elements come into play with the Marines, in which one player is The Commander, who has a top down view of the map with a Starcraft-like interface. The Commander creates building points, drops supplies, and orders the other Marine players. The alien Kharra do not have a commander, and must function as a cohesive team to take down Marines. There’s many more subtle points to the game, but I could go on for hours, so I’ll spare you.

Anyway, Natural Selection 2 has been available, in alpha form, to those who have pre-ordered for a couple months, though the game was still very early.  Today a massive update has been pushed onto Steam, sending the game from alpha into a fledged-out beta. Though the beta is open only to those who have pre-ordered the game, there are 10,000 more slots for people who have not pre-ordered yet but choose to do so now at the game’s website. As the game is being developed by a small indie studio, funding is always an issue and having these pre-orders helps them push through to release. I’m excited to hop on Steam tonight and give the beta a try, I can’t wait to eat some Marine face. That’s right, I roll Kharra, what you gonna do about it?

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