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Nathan Fillion Will Drive Anything That Looks Like a Spaceship

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Every follower of Nathan Fillion knows that if given the chance, the man would be piloting any kind of spaceship, preferably called “Serenity” and go into Captain Mal mode. So when he got to tool around in a prototype for Arcimoto’s “Red 5” SRV, a three wheeled electric car. It’s no wonder he was wishing the ride was something a little less…grounded. In case you were wondering, it can go up to 160 miles on a single battery charge and reach speeds of 63 miles per hour. Not too shabby honestly for a small electric car, something I didn’t see though was a price range.

Of course he got to make a little speech at the prototype unveiling, and you can tell that it wasn’t some professional speech writer that did it, because the whole thing just oozes his personality:

Thank you. Thank you so much for simply yet so radically revolutionizing the auto industry, an industry that has seen so little change in the last century. Thank you for making a cleaner vehicle for which the energy infrastructure already exists. Thank you for seeing a need facing a mere 90% of the population, and filling it. Thank you for giving me a way to stick it to big oil and big auto companies. Because… I am a vengeful man. And they’ve been sticking it to me for a long time. No matter how old I get, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the fact that it looks a little like a spaceship. I’m kind of into spaceships, so thanks for that. Thank you for keeping it in Eugene.Thank you for taking this venture upon yourselves, through the long hours of hard work, the sacrifices that you and your families have endured. Ladies and Gentlemen, you of Arcimoto have done something amazing and I hope that you are proud.

P.S. Last time I was here I think I left my iPhone charger in your offices, give me a call if you find it.


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