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Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man?!?

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malcolm hank pym...fuck yes.

My favorite TV actor might be making a starring role in a movie made by Edgar Wright, and he’ll be playing one of my favorite Marvel characters, Hank Pym? Be still my beating heart! I hope to Crom on high that this isn’t just internet rumor and speculation now that Joss Whedon is attached to the Avengers movie coming in 2012.

If you hadn’t heard, there is an Ant-Man movie that will be hitting theaters some time in 2012 (probably before Avengers), and it’s being directed by Shawn of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

Ant-Man was the name chosen originally by Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym who discovered various ways to shrink and expand particles at will so that he could shrink down to the size of an ant, while retaining the strength and toughness of a normal sized human being.

Through learning how to manipulate size, he discovered what he coined as Pym Particles that allowed him to not only shrink down in size, but also how to expand his size and abilities associated with being a giant.

I’m excited because this will be a serious piece of fan service to comic fans across the world. Ant-Man isn’t exactly top tier in the Marvel Universe, but with him being a part of the Avengers…it’s nice that we’ll have a complete movie with backstory of the character.

ok, well you can't really see his face, but trust me here...he is almost an exact copy of Nathan Fillion,  NOT Johhny Knoxville.I think that Nathan Fillion would make an excellent addition to the already expanding and impressive Avengers cast, and if not, Whedon would probably make a spot for him anyways. This isn’t just my inner Firefly fanboy talking here either, the guy has some serious dramatic range (just watch Castle if you don’t believe me), which will be really necessary for him playing one of Marvel’s most tormented superheroes.

Also, this might be a stretch, but the other two portrayals of Hank Pym I’ve seen from the Ultimate Avengers series were voiced by Nolan North, who voiced Nathan Drake in the Uncharted game series, who is a complete look alike of Nathan Fillion…I demand that this happen!

I can only hope that they use or at least nod to The Irredeemable Ant-Man story arc with Eric O’Grady using the armor as a means to be a completely immoral ass…such as peeking in on ladies in various states of undress (like Ms. Marvel, rawr).

I just hope they do the movie in the style that Edgar Wright is more than capable of…and action movie with some dramatic elements, but mostly comedic. I’ll just keep on tellin myself that “you can always hope”.

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