Natalie Portman cast as Jane Foster in Marvels Thor

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Every hero needs a love interest and for Thor that love interest is Jane Foster.  Jane was a nurse that looked after Donald Blake , Thors’ alter ego and fell in love with both him and Thor  before finding out that they are one and the same.  Marvel Studios has announced that Natalie Portman will be playing Jane opposite Chris Hemsworth as Thor.  A couple of years ago Marvel would have given the part to a good looking, no talent actress so I’m stoked that Marvel have given the role to talented actress like Portman and this news has given me another reason to get excited for the film.   Thor is being directed by Kenneth Branagh and will be released in May 2011 as part of Marvels build up to the Avengers movie which should be released in 2012, if they can keep all the casting this good then we’ve got a great couple of movies to look forward to.

Source: Marvel

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