Evan Burkey

Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series Announced By Fox, Trailer Included

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Even though I’m one of those people that loved Napoleon Dynamite, and this animated version feature the entire original cast, I just cant decide if this is something I can get behind.

Coming in 2012, Napoleon Dynamite will continue the misadventures of Napoleon in rural Idaho. This adaptation features the entire cast coming back to do the voice work, which I must admit is pretty impressive, but I just don’t know… The film was so polarizing, people either loved it or wished it never existed. I just can’t see this show passing the FOX 3 episode axe that they like to put new shows under. The trailer looks alright, and I kind of like the Beavis and Butthead look that they’re going for. I’ll watch the first couple episodes before I make a judgement, but I just can’t see this taking off. How about you?

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