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Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Now on Viz Anime

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If you’ve never heard of Urasawa-san’s work, then I feel a bit sad for you.

I can understand if you’ve never heard of this series Monster, but I refuse to believe that any manga fan has never heard of 20th Century Boys (also available as in live-action movie form).

Just in case you haven’t heard of his manga/anime series Monster, let me give you a primer.

The manga series created back in 1994 was based on the premise of whether it is always a good thing that doctors save lives. In this story, a brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzo Tenma saves the life a small boy who after about nine years, turns out to be a person of interest in a series of murders that take place in Dusseldorf. Dr. Tenma is a prime suspect because he stands to coincidentally reap the benefits of the murders.

The first fifteen episodes are currently available on VIZ’s anime site where the show is free to watch right now, and each week will be getting another 15 episodes until all 74 episodes of this suspenseful and thrilling anime are all online. For more information click the link below.

VIZ Anime

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