Robert Chesley

Mystery Solved! New Phyrexia Finishes “Scars” Block (Updated)

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According to the announcement over at the official Magic site, New Phyrexia will be the next Magic set.

I’m personally a little surprised they went this route. It isn’t that I don’t like “New Phyrexia” or the Phyrexians or anything like that. I just wanted it really bad to be “Mirrodin Pure”. You see, Mirrodin was the block that I really started playing “serious” Magic. If there is one single block of cards that I own the most of it would probably be Mirrodin block. I love artifacts, I loved the decks that set spawned. Maybe we’ll see more from Mirrodin in the future, maybe the Mirrodians will endure. But it is also nice to have Magic’s Zombie Borg-like bad guys back.

Click the source link below to see a preview card from the upcoming set.


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