Ryan Thomason

My Wife Buys Me Things to Play With

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So, I was at work, doing my work stuff when I get a text message. “Toys on sale, do you want Captain America or Green Goblin?” My first response that took .5 seconds was “CAPT!” Then I followed up with a text of “Action Figures, not toys hun, way different.” Her reply was “mmhmm.” Whatever, I got a cool stuff! Now, I don’t own a lot of action figures. I had GI Joes when I was a kid, that was pretty much it. I’ve got a couple of vintage Star Wars action figures, but that is only because I pulled them out a box my mother in law was giving away. So, what does a amateur toy collector have to say about this Hasbro Captain America figure?

Yes, I tore through the box. I’m not going to hang this thing on the wall, or store it in some dumb box. I wouldn’t even have it if it weren’t for my wife seeing it on the clearance rack. First impression, I don’t remember action figures having this many joints! I can move his Head around, but not his neck which is cool for those looking away from you poses. The elbows and hands have separate joints. You can even move the upper torso and lower torso opposite of each other, I don’t know why you would, but you can! His hips, knees, boots and feet all have joints or movement parts too. While all of this is pretty cool, I couldn’t get the guy to stand up. Seriously, I tried for a couple of minutes and he just kept falling over, I had to settle for positioning him on my computer screen. Now he’s a drunk and bent over Captain America staring down at a couple thumb drives. Way to stay classy Capt’n.

The figure did come with the iconic shield, that I couldn’t for some reason get to stay on his arm. Yes, it has straps, but when I tried to put them on his arm it just made the shield hang limply, the Capt isn’t some slob! Or is he? I never followed the comics or story-lines. I had to settle for using the straps to put the shield on his back. It seem logical to me that it was what the straps were for at least. Did he wear it on his back, or does her carry it in his right/left arm instead? I don’t know. He does look pretty cool though, the scaling on the chest is a nice detail and I really like how his face looks. I don’t know how they do it with all the painting, but it does look like figures have come a long way since my GI Joe days as a kid. If you see this on any kind of rack, or the other Hasbro figures (I’m going to see what else is out there now!) do your inner kid a favor and just pick it up. Hopefully your allowance has gone up since then, and you can afford more than one. Aside from the posturing problems of making him stand upright, I found myself spending almost 10 minutes putting him into various positions on my desk. I didn’t realize that I was having so much fun until I found a great spot for him and realized I wanted more toys to play with.

Now…where does my kid keep those pirate guys…

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