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My Two Favorite Features of iOS5

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Yes, this is going to be an Apple article where I fellate a product that Andoid users will scoff at. Deal with it.

Here’s a hint, it’s not the split keyboard on my iPad or even the new way that it doles out the notifications. But the two most used changes to the way I interface with my iDevices is the update over wi-fi and the volume button shutter.

First up is the update over wi-fi. I’m sooooooo happy that I don’t have to hook my iPhone up to the computer in my basement and leave it there overnight anymore in order to get the latest version of the iOS software. It’s nice that all I have to do is set it in its cradle and select the update button in the settings screen. Sure it still takes some time to accomplish and is a big download most of the time, but it’s favorable for me to not have to interface with iTunes for something as simple as a quick update to the phones firmware.

Finally, the camera shutter button. I’ve been an iPhone photographer since the first gen iPhone with its shitty resolution camera and lack of autofocus and video. It is to the point where I didn’t really need to even look at the phone when I was taking pictures, except for the button on the touchscreen that I always seemed to miss when I really needed to make it count. Apple still has the touchscreen button, but has also added functionality to have the “Volume +” button act as a manual shutter like an actual point-and-shoot camera. Now I know that when I go to take a pic with my camera phone that it really worked instead of having to check after touching that vague middle area of the screen a bunch of times in the hopes that it worked out.

There are others, but those two are definitely my two favorites so far. What about the rest of you Apple users, what about iOS5 has made you happy?

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