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My TV Week.

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So, I’ve wanted to do reviews of the shows I watch every week but with the new baby my schedule is all wonky.  Thanks to my DVR I record the hell out of every show that interests me, only two shows make the exception that I actually watch them on the night they air.  Everything else, I watch at odd hours, 1am, 3am, 10pm on any night of the week.  I’m at the whims of whenever my daughter is being fussy at whatever time of the night/morning.  So after the jump, take a look at the shows I’m watching this week, and what I think about them.

30 Rock: Alec Baldwin is the only reason I really watch this show anymore, if it weren’t for his character I probably would have given up on it long ago.  Like my wife did.

Amazing Race 16: My wife and I never watched this show until about 2 years ago, when we got tired of watching Survivor, it’s good TV really. We hate them lesbian bitches, seriously, stop being so damn pretentious about everything.  I’m rooting for the cowboy brothers and the detectives, they are the only people worth rooting for that are left.

Army Wives: Ok, yes.  This is a show on the Lifetime network or something.  Yes.  It is for the female audience.  I watch it with my wife.  I USED to watch it with my wife, now I watch it by myself.  I don’t know why I actually pay attention during this show, but I do.  I like Roxy, the owner of the bar, and I was really hoping Frank would just leave Denise and that their kid was going to kill himself.  I don’t get why they decided to give Claudia Joy diabetes, but I guess it adds a certain dynamic that anybody can get it, not just overly obese people.

Yeah, go ahead and mock me now.  I’m still going to watch this show.

Celebrity Apprentice: This is the only good thing Donald Trump has done.  Take a bunch of celebrities who want to get back in the spotlight and have them do stuff for charity? Good job.  I found it funny how former Illinois Gov. Rob Blagovaofjbmapich used every second of his airtime to talk about how he took it in the ass and was setup.  I was hoping for an episode where they had to shave that ugly mop of hair before he got booted off.  It seems like the guys always have the stronger celebrities on their side, but end up pissing away opportunities. I want Joan Rivers to come back on, I gained mad respect for her last season, this season doesn’t have any of that quality.

Community: I’ll just say it now.  I have a man-crush on Joel Mchale.  This is my favorite comedy on TV right now, sadly though, after Modern Family.  Sometimes, I can’t wait for the end when they do the short clips that lead into the next show.

Daily Show with John Stewart:  This is the only news satire out there that is consistent and almost knocks it out of the park every time.  The worse thing is that every time they take their weeklong breaks every now and then, something big happens and you have to wait until they come back to get their take on it.

Jamie Olivers Food Revolution:  Xopher Reed killed Jamie for me.  When he talked about how all you need to do is give Jamie some tusks and then paint him green, you got an Orc.  Now, all I see is a talking Orc on the screen.  I think what he is trying to do is awesome, the food system in this country is atrocious and backwards, I really hope there is a revolution in the cafeteria.

Kitchen Nightmares: Aside from Hells Kitchen (not currently in season) this is my other favorite Gordon Ramsey show.  It’s nice to see this side of him, where he is genuinely trying to help out these struggling restaurants.  I want to open one up, run it to the ground, and hope he comes to save it.

Lost:  I’m a Lost fan, even though it confuses the hell out of me sometimes. Hurley is hands down the best, Jack and Kate must die. Sawyer is awesome. Sayid used to be my favorite but now he’s just a weird zombie I guess. I hope Kate dies.  Locke/Smokey keeps messing with my head, is he the good guy or bad guy? There are what, 5 episodes left? I can’t freaking wait. Did I mention that I hate Kate?

Modern Family: This is seriously, the funniest show on TV.  If you haven’t been watching, you have to. This is one of the few shows that I actually laugh out loud to.

Parenthood:  Honestly, I’ve only really watched the last episode in its entirety. The reason is that my wife was deleting all the shows after she watched it, after I requested her to stop after catching some of it while she was viewing it did she save the last one.  I think that 3 years ago, I would have thought this show was stupid and lame.  Now that I’m a dad, I understand it, and because I can relate to it, I like it.  It’s charming and you like the family that it is centered around.  It’s got great actors (and acting) and I hope they really keep running with it.

Parks and Recreation: Aside from the fact that I can’t stop grinning every time I see Andy on the screen (I went to high school with actor Chris Pratt) this show is hilarious.  It took a while for the writers to really find their groove and where they were going with the characters, but now that they have it is outstanding.  The episode where Leslie takes the former Parks and Recs directors out to the park for a picnic was hilarious. The crudgy old man who told her that women shouldn’t have leadership roles because all the blood runs through their lower lady parts and not in their head, while patting her on the head was hilarious.

South Park:  You won’t find a show that packs recent relevance with a message the way these guys can.  Nobody can do it better and put it in a way that we can all relate to.  The whole Facebook episode was hilarious, and I couldn’t stop laughing during the medical marijuana episode.

Stargate Universe: I’ve only watched one episode of this show. Episode 10. I have no idea what the hell is going on. I LOVE this show. I’m wringing my hands waiting for the season DVD release.

The Office: Come on. How can you not love this show?  If you aren’t watching it, SHAME ON YOU.

Undercover Boss: I didn’t think I was going to like this show.  It seemed like (and sometimes does) that the “boss” going undercover is basically just trying to promote their company.  I wonder how much goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything is show in a positive light.  The season is over with the episode from Sunday the 11th. 1-800 flowers? Yeah, you know they are using this as a marketing stunt.  I loved the 7-11 episode, you have to respect someone who started at the bottom and worked his way up to CEO.

V: CGI = Horrible, Plot Holes = Semi-truck drivable through, “Terrorist Army fighting the V” = Laughable.  I’m still watching this show though.  I’m giving it 1 season to hook me, if not, I’m removing it from my recording list.

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