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My Third Helping of Avatar

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I won't lie, I kinda have a mancrush on this guy...I mean seriously he was on FIRE and didn't give a shit!

This weekend, I actually plan on going to see a Avatar (the Cameron flick) in the theatre for a third time. I can’t even tell you how many other movies that I’ve ever seen 3 times in the theatre, because I honestly think this is the first time I’ve done something like this in my adult life.

Sure, I could easily wait for it to hit the home media format of my choice, hopefully 3D blu-ray by the time it comes out, but there’s something magical about seeing this movie in all of its 3D IMAX glory. I’ve gone twice before and Crom help me, I think I’m going to go this Saturday as well.

There are few other movies that have moved me as much as this one has, not so much of an emotional movement, but in the sense of awe and wonder that I’ve felt watching it. The last two movies that I ever felt this way about were Jurassic Park and the first Michael Keaton Batman movie. With both of those, I watched them on VHS until the damned tape broke…then I got another copy and did it all over again.

Maybe it’s the new tech that makes this movie seem like you’re looking into a world rather than observing something on a screen. It could be all the flashy colors and effects that pacify me like a 1 year old watching a TV show beyond its age because it’s pretty, but it doesn’t matter the reason…it’s a damn fine movie in my opinion, and who knows when we’ll all have the chance to see a movie this big in theatres again…much less an IMAX theatre. Oh well, at least I know that I’ll have a good time and will be able to get some popcorn.

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