Ryan Wilson

My Pen(is)! Kids in the Hall Cast Comes Back for Miniseries

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Welcome back!Kids in the Hall came at a time when the market was saturated with sketch comedy troupes, yet they hold a special place in my heart.  They blended tradition improv comedy techniques with the surrealism of even the most pretentious experimental film (just watch the sketch “Sausages”).  Then, in 1995, they went their separate ways.

Now, 14 years and many poor career choices later, the cross-dressing Canucks are making a comeback, this time in the form of an 8-part miniseries called Death Comes to Town.   The show is not going to be sketch based this time around, but instead narrative-based.  Kevin MacDonald describes the show as “like a comedy Roots“, while David Foley claims its more on the lines of The League of Gentlemen.  All I can say is, its glad to have the guys back!

No airdate announced yet, but shooting is said to start in the next week.

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