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My Name Is Ryan, and I’m a Kappa Tau

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A little while back, I proclaimed the love my wife and I have for this show. I was rewarded when someone working for ABC Family read the post and sent a little present to my wife and I. Yes. I have a Kappa Tau Sweater, and my wife got a pink ZBZ one, which she squealed in delight when she saw it. Also we got a Home Coming sweater which I’ll be rocking soon enough. Yes, none of this is real, but for some unknown reason, this silly little college and Greek system that ABC Family has created really sticks with us. I didn’t realize that they were made by Aeropostale, the quality is really nice (which you would expect from this clothier, and well, I’ve been loving sporting my Kappa Tau sweater at work today.

Last night we got to have an episode centered on one of my favorite side characters that I think deserves more screen time now. ‘All about the Beav’ was just that, mostly a storyline around Beav (Aaron Hill), the half wit muscles for Kappa Tau. The episode was centered on Casey and Beav trying to find “Dave”, who used to run a place were you could buy papers from. When Beav ends up using the same paper as a bunch of football players, his teacher gives him an ‘F’ and tells him he can redo it in one night. (My college would have expelled me, so I guess this place is nicer) Beav tracks down Casey (Yes, that is Kelsey “Fraiser” Grammers daughter) who can’t get a study group at CRU Law school and wants to buy case studies from this mysterious Dave also.

I don’t want to spoil it too much, but Beaver (Aaron Hill) really gets to shine in this episode, with it being the last season, they’ve been doing a great job of highlighting not only the core characters, but the important sides too. My favorite part that had me laughing was when Beav is trying to confront “Dave” as he is stripping at a club. When Beav kept asking “Are you a policeman or are you Dave?” As the guy was stripping down had me trying to keep from busting up laughing, at 2am, as I was trying to get my 10 month old back to sleep.

The side story of Rusty, trying to get more funding for his research project was also important. I think that they are really trying to set up Rusty and Ashleigh to hook up as a couple before the show draws to a close. Rusty having to shake off his ultra geeky (and super cool) girlfriend for her betrayal was understandable. But damn, geeks don’t get women like Rusty does somehow, he’s developing into some kind of mega nerd that is average looking that can score pretty high in the ladies department. Wait. That’s me too! Is that my wife laughing in the background?

Regardless, people should be watching this show. It’s not too hard to jump into, it’s just silly fun, and really you’re missing out on the party. Now. Who wants to play some beer pool?

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