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My Little Comic Corner: Conan Red Sonja #1 – #2

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Now that Dynamite and Dark Horse are working together on digital comic book distribution at Digital.Darkhorse. It is providing some more opportunities for crossover. None seems more easy to do than Conan and Red Sonja.

conan red sonja issue #2 cover

Conan Red Sonja #1 – #2

Writer: Gail Simone, Jim Zub
Artist: Dan Panosian
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Order copies of Conan Red Sonja #1 and Conan Red Sonja #2 to be delivered to your doorstep. Actually, the comics will be stabbed to your door by a sword dripping with blood. Then pre-order Conan Red Sonja #3!

Conan and Red Sonja share a lot of similarities. They’re both sword and sorcery titans who posses extraordinary fighting abilities, have a thing for thievery and killing. Then there is the whole lack of body armor that they share, but supreme fighting skills make up for fighting in your underwear. Why I read these kinds of comics is for the overall story, I’ve long been a sucker for Robert E. Howard’s stories, the whole sword and sorcery genre in general. So, when given a chance to read this barbaric crossover, I couldn’t pass it up.

Thus far, in the first two of four parts. The story being woven through different times of Conan and Red Sonja’s life is excellent to read and artistically is engaging. In both issues, Conan and Red Sonja have met by chance, with years of time etched between both meetings. Both meetings leading to more of the seeds for a demonic plant that if allowed to spread, will destroy the world. Which is perfectly fine with Thoth-Amon and his plans to use the Bloodroot as his instrument of destruction.

The story by Gail Simone and Jim Zub thus far has been a wonderful setup for what I hope the final two issues are going to be. From reading interviews, it seems that we’re due for at least one more time jump that will crossover the stories on Conan and Red Sonja. We’ve just passed through Conan’s time with his first love, Belit, the Queen of the Black Coast. While I’ve read more of the Dark Horse Conan stories than I can count, I honestly haven’t dipped into Red Sonja comics. From what I’ve read in this crossover though, I’m going to start making amends to that and start the ongoing Red Sonja comics that Simone has been writing for Dynamite. The artwork from Dan Panosian has been wonderful to behold. I love the look of our characters, the boats, and when they find the island befouled by the Bloodroot, the colors from Dave Stewart really perks up the pages with its deep reds.

With two more issues to go, and Conan Red Sonja #3 due to release March 25th I’ll be looking forward to continuing this crossover journey. Hopefully having started reading the stand alone Red Sonja to build up my knowledge!

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