Alan Smithee

My First Gray Hair

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I normally keep my hair short, and by short I mean that I trim it with a zero bladed clipper. This usually causes its own set of fun as I’ve nearly clipped off pieces of my own scalp and if there’s ever a pimple present, it’s getting mowed down like a tall dandelion. You can imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror today and noticed that not only was my hair getting too long for my own liking, but that there was more than one folicle that had a hair that isn’t the color I normally have. I’m officially going gray.

Now you should know that us Reed men tend to go gray earlier on in life than many people do. Still, seeing the evidence that I am now a full fledged adult complete with mortgage, health insurance, and the whole kit & kaboodle of having a spouse and kid (soon to be kids). It was a bit of an existential moment for me as I realized that my childhood is officially far behind me.

I’m not saying that I had the most amazing childhood ever, because nobody does…NOBODY. Growing up is traumatic and the fact that I’ve survived as long as I have should be a testament to how resilient us humans are. We undergo year upon year of stress and when we’re finally out of school and have jobs, we do something strange…we add even more stress to our lives. The strange thing is that the stress we add to our lives as adults is great. I wouldn’t trade a single day with my daughter for anything in the world really. And my wife is always there alongside to help and be the partner I need.

So when I saw this surprise yesterday, I decided that it’s pretty fucking awesome being an adult. The only thing I miss about my youth is the better metabolism and less joint pain. That’s about it. I quickly trimmed all the hair down to nothing again and proceeded on with my life. This is when it’s going to get real interesting.

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