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My Final Pitch, Watch the Last 10 Episode of Stargate: Universe

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Aside from James and Myself, I’m not sure how many of you loyal WPR fans are watching this show on the SyFy channel. If you want to watch the best Sci Fi on TV while you can, you owe it to yourself to watch in the final burn off episodes that starts tonight.

I’ve been paying close attention to everything that has come out while we’ve been waiting for these final episodes to air for Stargate: Universe. First off, SyFy is making a huge mistake of cutting the show after a measly two seasons. Yes, there was the Space Ticks episode in season 1, but BattleStar Galactica had far more than one ‘filler episode’.

From the pictures that I’ve been looking at of the set, it looks like the production company put a ton of effort into them. The lighting is simply amazing, and the amount of detail has doubled. Seriously, I’m going to be catching myself looking at the scenery during these episodes because if they are anything like the screens I’ve been seeing it’s really going to be a treat. Hell, Dr. Rush FINALLY told everyone about the real bridge that he found. HOLY CRAP is that bridge amazing looking. Now that Rush has accepted that he’s going to need help and the crew training on how to really make Destiny a fully operational ship I can’t wait for all the cool stuff that is going to be going on.

Another thing I’ve been hearing is that characters are going to start dropping as we near the series finale episode. I’m hoping for the Lucian prisoners/refugees whatever they are now to just get erased. The main crew of Destiny is a solid cast, and for having invested so much time into building the characters, it’s almost a shame that there are Lucians around to steal some spotlight. Eli is apparently no longer shouldering the bulk of the geek/funny character load. Which is a relief, with what he’s been going through, I’m hoping for a more focused and mature Eli that starts putting his genius brain to good use instead of moping around.

Lou Diamond Phillips. That’s enough said right there, his name enough implies how this amazing actor adds to the show with just his name being attached.

I’m finding myself with heavy heart as I wait for March 7th to roll around. I would have totally ignored this show as “Another Stargate crapfest” if it wasn’t for James pushing me to give it a shot. What I got in return was Sci Fi that goes straight to my geeky heart and I know that it’s going to be a long time until a show like this comes along again, if ever. My only hope is that with all the attention to detail from the production company, and stepped up acting/action that I’m hearing about is that this is a big push for a movie version of this show. THAT I can really get behind.

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