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MWN’s Impressions: Sons of Anarchy on FX

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For those of you that don’t stay current on what’s showing on the TeeVee, there’s no need to worry. This website is full of chubby twenty-somethings that have nothing better to do in the evenings than to watch these shows and report to you what we think you should be watching along with us, or what to avoid. In other words, we watch TV so you dont have to!

This weekend, I finally had stuff to watch on my DVR that wasn’t reruns of Metalocalypse or Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. In true FX fashion, the network has started is season early with The Shield (one of my favorite TV shows of all time) and the subject of today’s impressions: Sons of Anarchy.

The show starts off with a Mexican biker gang breaking into a seemingly abandoned building only to find it stuffed to the brim with a whole mess of automatic weapons and crates upon crates of handguns. The gang snatches all they can and decides to torch the remainder, including 2 migrant workers who were hiding out during the raid.

We come to find out that the warehouse full of illegal weaponry belongs to none other than the titular biker gang known as the “Sons of Anarchy”. Where we are introduced to the cast of characters that will have you saying “Oh hey, it’s THAT guy!” and “Where have I seen this guy before?!?”.

Most important on the cast is Ron Perlman, one of MWN’s most loved actors, who plays “Clay” the no-nonsense hardassed biker gang president. Perlman’s character is heavily involved with the other two main characters “Jax Teller” as his superior and step-father, and “Gemma Teller Morrow” as her husband.

There promises to plenty of drama between the three main characters as the story progresses, due to the unresolved issues the son has with his dead father (who founded the Sons of Anarchy and died after being dragged under a semi for over 100 yards) and the fact that he is now a single father of a premature baby boy born from the womb of a smack-addled ex-wife.

If drama isn’t your deal the show also promised us action and comic relief the likes of which haven’t been seen on other FX shows in a long time. There is a particularly funny scene where the newest inductee to the Sons of Anarchy has to figure out how to remove a dead deer from the windshield of a BMW, or even better is when the same noobie beats up a Korean Elvis impersonator.

The story is solid, the characters are very memorable, and the show has just the right amount of badassedness. I personally think that this show will be around to fill the gap we will all have when The Shield wraps things up this season. I look forward to obsessing over every single episode this season and I think you should too.

My opinion — Set this one up to record every episode for Ron Perlman at least…DO IT!

BigPopaGamer’s Impression of Sons of Anarchy

I first started hearing about SoA two months ago from the commercials on FX.  Almost every show this network has put on the air I have loved, even Rescue Me, which I’m not a huge fan of.  So needless to say when I saw they were putting a show up about a biker gang I was immediately interested since you all know I’m a biker and a tough guy to boot right?

Xopher already talked about most of the good points of the show.  Ron Perlman.  Peggy Bundy. Bikers. Guns. Women.  It has everything that FX seems to stand for.

The story will follow Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, the son of the founder of the Sons of Anarchy.  Poor Jax is really between a rock and hard place.  You see, Jax, in cleaning out the garage at his house, finds his dad’s mementos and the original document stating the purpose of the Sons of Anarchy.  As it turns out, the original purpose is a little bit different than what it has become.  To top it off, his crazy crack-whore of an ex-wife has given birth to his new child prematurely.  Talk about your bad luck.

I have high hopes for the show, believe me.  I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the final season of The Shield and I hope that once that show has ended, SoA will continue to give me that action/drama/burly man show that I so desperately need.  In a world of syndicated shows and mysterious, yet confusing dramas such as Lost and the oh-so-hyped-but-utterly-failing Heroes, SoA should deliver on what it promises us, biker gangs and Ron Perlman.

Watch this show, or Perlman will really come to your house and chop off your dick.

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