MWN Reviews: I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES IN IT!!!!1

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Xbox 360 Indie Games are still in their infancy right now and while there a few diamonds in the rough, most of the games are, quite frankly, garbage. But then, like I said, there are diamonds in the rough and one of the latest examples would be I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES IN IT!!!!1, developed by James Silva who also made the XBLA game The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. After hearing people praising the game, I gave the trial a try and ended up buying the game myself, making it my first Xbox 360 Indie Game. Hit the jump for a short review on the little Indie Game.

For 80MSP ($1/68p), you wouldn’t expect much but a surprisingly good game. There’s no story to worry  about or anything complex. It’s just you, a twin stick shooter, zombies and a really cool theme song.  There aren’t even any kind of menus. The game starts up on a very simple 8-bit looking start screen and from there you can either check the high scores or just get straight into the game. It felt very much like a tribute to the start up screens of early 80s arcade games such as Pac-Man or Galaxians. Up to 4 people can join for local co-op but there’s no online co-op unfortunately. However for 68p, you can’t exactly complain.

And it’s not just the start up screen that feels like an 80s arcade game. While the game might use more than 4 colours, the gameplay certainly feels like an 80s arcade game. To put it bluntly, it’s a twin stick shooter in the simplest sense of the word. The left analog stick moves your character and the holding the right analog stick to the right for example will, you guessed it, shoot your weapon to the right. If you’ve never liked twin stick shooters then this won’t change your mind but if you enjoy them then you’ll find nothing wrong with the controls here.

Speaking of weapons, there are a number of powerups that you can pick up. You can pick up a variety of weapon powerups such as a gatling gun, a flamethrower,  and shurikens amongst other weapons. There also powerups to give you a bigger force field (the blue thing in the picture) and to make you move faster. Finally, every now and again you will find extra lives, which you’ll certainly need as the game gets harder and harder as you progress.


There also a variety of enemies. In the beginning you’ll just start with normal zombies with the occasional bigger zombie as can be seen in the picture (which will give you extra points for shooting). However, as time passes, the enemies will get weirder and weirder from green slime, to snakes of smiling faces to even what look like radioactive rocks. Still, this stops it from being repetitive as it would if it was just zombies.

Finally, there is the humorous theme song. It might get hard to hear at points but if you listen to it, it’s pretty funny. I won’t spoil it though, although if you really want to hear it without playing the game, I managed to get hold of the theme song, which you can listen to here.

So in conclusion, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES IN IT!!!!1  is a simple but fun little game. There’s not a whole lot to it but for what it is, it’s a very enjoyable game. If you’re not convinced then give the trial a try. As for the game’s length, I don’t actually know how long. The theme song has an ending but I imagine that the game would probably loop given how the game has a high score table. The only complaint I have is that parts of the theme song create flashing lights and words which can make the screen very hectic when you’re trying to survive but it’s only a minor issue. For only $1/68p, I’d definitely recommend it if you want a fun little timewaster. I mean what else are you going to spend 80MSP on, an Avatar hat?

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