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MWN Discusses: The Recent Delays

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Take-Two Interactive announced the other day that Bioshock 2 (among three of its peers) won’t be hitting until 2010. Already it’s hitting the company’s stock pretty hard. I think they’re poised to earn a ton of it back when they finally start cashing checks in the months following the glut of games that will drop in the holiday months…in that period that all of us gamers lovingly refer to as ‘the drought’. Join the discussion after the jump.


So far the list of ‘after xmas’ games that we’re going to see are:

  • Bioshock 2
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Mafia II
  • Max Payne 3
  • Singularity

I personally applaud the game companies for taking a chance on their sales in order to give us ‘core gamers a chance to catch up and not go broke. There were way too many games that came out in the last quarter of 2008 that I just simply missed. I used to walk into my local GameStore and know exactly what was coming out and when, but these days…my attention is elsewhere and I find myself saying “shit, when did that come out?”

What say you whores, do you think that this is a good idea?


If you want my personal opinion then I’d say there’s too many games coming out in every quarter. With the rise of downloadable content in particular, it feels as if there’s a new “must play” game coming out every week and I simply can’t keep up with it. That’s just me but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. It’s like if you buy a new game on week, you have a week to complete it before the next big game comes out. Going off on a tangent there, but as for the question, I would rather have games coming out regularly over a year (although more slowly personally) than to have one big clusterfuck of games smacking me in the face in one particular quarter.


Heh, you said one of my favorite swear words Gibbo…I <3 clusterfuck.


Agreed, after last years influx of games I’m glad that I’ve got a bit of break here. I’m still catching up on a few of last Octobers titles, it sucks that Bioshock 2 has been delayed because personally I’m excited for the sequel. There’s already Scribblenauts, Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Assassins Creed 2, No More Heroes 2 and Dead Rising 2 coming out at the end of this year and they are all games that I plan on sinking some serious time into at least now I’ve got a bit of break as well as a few things to look forward next year and hopefully I won’t be playing catch up with ’09 titles in 2010.



“Too many games” is a position I’d rather not take, but it is the truth. I have a huge backlog of games that I’ve purchased and either played once or twice to get a feel for it or haven’t even opened yet. The only new game I’ve purchased in this year that I’ve really put time into is BlazBlue. If I was younger and still in school, I know this would not be a problem, but now that I’m working/old/lazy I don’t have time to play everything. Basically, a drought does not exist for me because I can go back and play some of that backlog that keeps getting bigger every year.


Just look at the games confirmed to be released after the holiday season. What do they have in common? Lots of violence.

Yes, they will lose sales by releasing after Christmas…but this is actually a good thing. Who buys these games during the holidays? Fucktarded parents buying the gift their fucktarded underaged children whined and begged about for the past 2 months. These are the same parents who then watch their kid play the game they just bought and bitch about not being warned it was not appropriate. By the time these parents can finally afford to buy their little shits a new game, they’ve hopefully been sufficiently warned.

End of Line

Well, it seems that the gaming audience as a whole is pretty damned happy that some of these games will be waiting until next year to come out. It’s a gamble for some of the game companies though. Like I said in the first part of this discussion, Take-Two Intertactive stands to either reap a fuck-ton of money when their delayed library drops in the spring, or go bankrupt. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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