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MWN Discusses – Robot Unicorn Attack

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So goddamned good, you'll lose your life and work productivity to this fucking game.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been paying attention to our weekly podcast, The Red-Light Roundtable, you too might have missed our discussion about the best fucking flash game we’ve ever played. That game is Robot Unicorn Attack.

The game is fairly simple after it loads and you get a brief introduction screen you’re told that you have 3 wishes (lives) left and then…the Erasure track “Always” begins to play in the background as the games BGM, and it does it in a loop.

You only need two keys to play, Z for jumping and X for dashing…that’s it, and we’re so completely in love with this stupid game, it’s not even funny.

Xopher Reed

Holy Crom, this game is FUCKING WIN. It’s so campy that I can’t take it sometimes, c’mon…Erasure, dolphins every 5000 points, a robotic unicorn, faeries, and wishes. I’m sold, make it a console version and i’m there.

Evan Burkey

Make me a $150 special edition with artbook, soundtrack CD (that one song looped for 80 minutes), a figure of the unicorn jumping with dolphins and fairies and rainbow farts, and a unicorn bobblehead.

Jermaine Pulliam

I can’t play this game because the song kills it for me. On the same note, when I try to play it without the song something is lost.

Brad Holman

I can’t stop listening to this song or stop playing the game. There goes productivity at work for like a week.

Tim Garza

It’s so gay, and it’s good. For the record, I’ve been humming that damned song all day. I haven’t had a chance to play it at work, although I am leaving in 20 mins…UNICORN TIME!

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