MWN Discusses: PS3 Slim

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Well since it got announced at Gamescom yesterday, I thought it would make for a pretty good MWN Discusses topic. Hit the jump for the sexy discussion.


Well initially I was sceptical of the PS3 Slim but now I can see nothing but good things from it. Firstly, the price cut to $299/€299/£249 finally puts the PS3 at a very reasonable price, especially when you consider the 120GB Elite is £230 in Britain (I don’t know much it is for you guys). So from our side of the pond, there is now a £20 difference and then you have to consider that the PS3 is free to play online and has blu-ray. It could certainly shake things up at least here when it comes to sale. Since the current PS3s are the same price as the PS3 Slim until they are phased out then it makes them all but redundant unless you managed to get your hands on one of the BC models. While no BC is a downer, it’s not as if PS2s are that dear anyway if you don’t already have one. It’s more of a convenience issue in my eyes. With a slimmer model and a strong lineup on the way, will Sony finally regain some dominance in the market? Also, no more Spiderman font. Console war over.

Ryan Wilson

As a current PS3 owner, I’m glad to see Sony dropping the system price significantly.  This will hopefully make the people who were previously on the fence about the system give it another look.  Fanboys will always be fanboys though, and dropping features to lower cost will only fan the flames. I can already see article after article bitching about the complete removal of backwards compatibility and install other OS functionality.  The truth is, if these were your big concerns, you should have adopted the system earlier. For now, consider the the PS3 slim to be the general consumer model, the eMachine Triples.


As somebody who was already thinking about getting a PS3 the price drop has helped my discision to buy one, at some point.  There’s still too much coming out on the 360 for me to even consider buying another console, at the earliest I’ll be buying one next summer.

I think the cheaper price will certainly make shake things up a bit when they are considering buying a next gen console but if people are buying the consoles for games then they’ll look at what console their friends, which in the UK at least is the 360.  I know you can argue that people will buy the PS3 for the Blu Ray funcionality and there are some people who will still do that but with the price of standalone blu ray players dropping quickly, people who just want to watch movies will just buy a stand alone player for half the price of a PS3.


Not really that interested.  You know me, I like them big girls.  Oh yeah, BABY GOT BACK!

Xopher Reed

I love the new design, but I dont see myself picking one of these up unless my PSTribble Fat ever goes really bad…considering the failure rate isn’t anywhere near the 50%+ rate that the Xbox 360 is having, that probably won’t happen.

Evan Burkey

The new design looks great, but I have two major reasons not to pick it up. First, I already have a 60GB model with backwards compatiblity, which is very important to me. Second, my PS3 doubles as a massive space heater. Unless Sony took the time to seriously redesign with heat management in mind, the slim PS3 is going to heat up even worse.

End Of Line

So in conclusion, all of us are happy with the announcement of the PS3 Slim as well as the price drop for all PS3s. However, those who already have a PS3 won’t be looking to trade in their current one for a PS3 Slim any time soon. You’ve heard our thoughts, so what do you think?

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