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MWN Discusses: Day One DLC

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Valkyria Chronicles DLC is generally good, however the DLC being on the disc on day one...pretty fail!

With the cock-up that happened last night with the Mass Effect 2 DLC and how they were accidentally giving it away for free for a few hours, I wondered what everyone else thinks of companies fleecing us for $5 here and $10 there with DLC that is ready on the first day the game is launched…instead of packaging it with the game that we’re already spending $60 on?

Xopher Reed

Personally I don’t care. If it’s worth it, I’ll pay whatever as long as the game is good. Jesus, I spent nearly the same amount on DLC for Fallout 3 as I did on the game and I bought it when Operation Anchorage was already out. So to me, it’s not that big of a deal. People will or won’t buy it. Eh, I plan on getting Mass Effect 2 at full price and probably get the DLC after I beat it…I just wish that when MS makes a fuckup like the one last night, that they’d go ahead and make it free for everyone else, but we’ll never see that happen in our lifetimes.


I have no problem with DLC further down the line but day one DLC is a big no no to me, unless it’s free. If it comes out on the day of release then it should have been on the disc in the first place. This also ties in with pre-order day one DLC. For example, as much I love Forza 3, I’m pissed off that I’m missing out on certain DLC cars because I didn’t want to pay £50 for the collector’s edition. That’s my two cents on day one DLC.


If there isn’t boobs in the free DLC, I don’t care.

But seriously, DLC released on day 1 of the game’s public lifetime is retarded and should be included in the disc. I understand the point of DLC as a way to keep milking money out of the same game, but that shit is just retarded and insulting and really useless, as no one will have completed the game on day 1 anyways. Now unless the DLC includes nude mods for all the womenz, I don’t care.


I’m with Ex, DLC for a game I love is going to get brought regardless of it being released on day 1 or 1,000.

Evan Burkey

You say DLC, and I hope you mean DownLoadable Content. I’m all for that. Extending the life of a game is almost always a good thing. I love getting more playtime and new things to do on my favorite games.

But if you’re talking about day one DLC, aka Disc Locked Content (look at me, making up terms and whatnot), then I’m completely against it. Look at the example of Beautiful Katamari: The game had multiple DLC offerings on day one that simply unlocked content on the game disc. If I pay my 60 bucks for a game, I expect to get everything on that overpriced piece of plastic. Squeezing even more money out of gamers, and in some cases making good profit on it, will only serve to fuel the Bobby Koticks of the industry.

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