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MWN Discusses: Ads on the Xbox 360 Dashboard

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This week, the boys here at MWN discuss the problems we see with having all sorts of advertisements on Xbox Live and on the Xbox 360 dashboard. This all comes your way thanks to our greedy corporate overlords at Microsoft. Hit the link to jump in on the discussion already in progress.


I think that since we have to already pay to play games on the XBL servers, forcing commercials down our throats is just about the final straw…it’s already bad enough that we have to suffer through the online functionality of some of our games being unavailable due to them working on the system, from which they rarely ever acknowledge that it was ‘their bad’ and offer a penance for being at fault.

I’ve threatened it before, but I really think I’m done with XBL altogether. I’ll still use the store and the messaging service, but the online play doesn’t have the same fun for me anymore. I’ll just get the online games for my PS3 and call it good.

Ryan Wilson

The only way I can see commercials working on Xbox Live servers is if they offered the gold service for free in doing so. 50 bucks a year plus ads? Fuck off Microsoft.

PS3 has as much more stable online experience than it once did, while not quite to the levels that Xbox Live is, I would gladly switch my console online gaming over if Microsoft were to continue bending over its customers.


I can understand your frustration at the commercials, especially since we already pay for XBL, but really, unless we are talking about interrupting actual playing time or XBLA browsing, then it’s no biggie to me. If they want to put a banner add to the side, fine, doesn’t mean I’m clicking on it. 1 v 100 is the first to really show off how they are incorporating commercials into the games and while it’s annoying to have your trivia game interrupted, in the context that it’s supposed to be a game show, it makes sense.

I’m waiting for when/if Sony comes out with commercials for theirs. Still don’t think it’s a reason to quit XBL though.


I don’t really spend too much time on the dashboard so adverts wouldn’t really bother me, I only really go onto the dashboard to search for something specific. I agree with what BigPopaGamer said, as long as they don’t interrupt my gaming then I don’t mind too much.

Evan Burkey

If these ads are on the dashboard, I honestly don’t care. When I turn my 360 on I immediately hit the Xbox Guide button and use Quicklaunch, so I never see the dashboard anyway. I also agree that ads are viable in something like 1 vs 100, where you get to play for free.

However, this doesn’t mean I agree with the principal behind the matter. If I pay for a service I shouldn’t be bombarded with ads. The unfortunate thing is that in the end, Microsoft pretty much has a “get in or get out” policy. Basically, we either deal with ads that we pay to see, or we don’t pay for LIVE Gold. I don’t agree with that, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. Obviously they can make more money if they put up advertisements on LIVE, so I’m not really that surprised


Well firstly because of the age on my account, I don’t even get any of the adverts right now that the dashboard would usually. But as for these new ads, I agree with Popa. As long as it doesn’t interrupt gameplay then I couldn’t care less about adverts on the dashboard. Besides there’s nothing I can do about it since I don’t have the luxury of owning a PS3.


The future of ads on Xbox is a complex situation. Should we be getting advertisements on something that we pay $50 a month for? Fuck no. But for those of us without the luxury of owning a PlayStation 3, it’s kind of a take it or leave it situation. Sure I’d like to give Microsoft the finger and cancel my subscription if the dashboard became ad heavy. But as long as I want to play the next big multiplayer game with my friends, I just have to bend over and hope Microsoft uses as much lube as possible.


So we’re all pretty much in consensus that we think that it’s bullshit, though I think my level of outrage outweighs everyone else’s. It seems that everyone else is of the mindset of the “wait and see” type, and while it’s not a bad position…I always think it’s dangerous to let people get away with bad behavior…especially Microsoft.

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