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Must See TV in 2015

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In an effort to round out the coverage around here, I’m taking it upon myself to become the TV show guru and bring you reviews, editorials, and news from the world of the small screen. In this regard, I’d like to humbly submit to you a list of shows that you should be on the lookout for in must see TV for 2015…which is in a few scant days, gasp!
Agent Carter on ABC

Image via ABC


First up on ABC we have Marvel’s Agent Carter making its debut on the 4th of the month, which will be a great tie in to the Agents of Shield show that has been really awesome in its second season (and one you really should be watching for no other reason than the Inhumans tie-ins going on right now). Seeing Peggy Carter as the lead role in a series, one of which is set during the ’40s, an era that was known for its marginalization of women, is going to be refreshing and one that should play out much like a version of Alias set in a period-piece.

Next, on SyFy on the 16th we have the premiere of 12 Monkeys which is to be a retelling of the masterpiece 1995 Terry Gilliam movie of the same name in which a time traveler from the year 2043 comes back to the past in order to stop the release of a virus that kills off 93.6% of the world’s population. I’m willing to give it a try, but I am a huge fan of the movie already, I’m simply hoping that they do it justice.

On Netflix beginning on the 16th is the new Dreamworks Animation series Puss in Boots. There’s not much to say here except I liked the Puss in Boots movie, so did my kids and I’m always looking for new shows to watch with the kiddos.

The 20th of the month brings back the hit show Justified for its final season, and with the massive body count that Marshal Raylan Givens has left behind each season, the series ending should ultimately tie up things with his ex-wife Wynona, his nemesis Boyd Crowder, and all of the associated riff-raff breaking the laws in Kentucky. I’m pretty excited but not ready to say goodbye just yet.

Finally for the end of January is the premiere of Backstrom on FOX, the show stars Rainn Wilson (you might remember him as Dwight Schrute from the Office) as a self-destructive, overweight, and offensive detective who is part of a team of criminologists who will muddle their way through each case. Think of it as Bad Santa meets “generic crime show” and you have a winner.

better call saul


ABC once again leading the charge in February on the 4th with a new sitcom called Fresh off the Boat, which is set to be an Asian American centered show much like the awesome All-American Girl series that was around for one season in the early ’90s. The show is loosely based off the book “Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir” by chef Eddie Huang. Considering it’s been nearly 20 years since Margaret Cho’s, I’ll be watching just so the networks know that we demand some damn diversity in our media dammit.

Coming on the 8th to AMC is the spin-off from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul. There’s really not much to say here, I loved his character in Breaking Bad, but am seriously concerned with how the will keep the stories fresh and not just be a remake of Breaking Bad.

NBC will be starting the final season of Parks and Recreation, which will end an era of television for me that was the Thursday night comedies that they had for a number of seasons, of which, the saddest one for me to say goodbye to is this show. This is the show that introduced the world to Chris Pratt and was one of the most fun tongue-and-cheek critiques of being a city employee I’ve ever seen.

Finally for the month on the 24th, we have the third season of House of Cards being dropped on Netflix and if you’ve not been current on this show…egads, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are the most dramatic dynamic duo I’ve seen on a political drama series. I can only wonder what will transpire after the end of the second season and the step-down of the President.

last man on earth


This is where things start to get a bit scarce, on the 1st of the month the only show I could find with a definitive release date is The Last Man on Earth which is supposed to be a comedy show chronicling what happens when an average guy discovers what life is like when no one is telling you what you can and can’t do. I’m playing it in my head like The Twighlight Zone mixed with Wall-E. It should be fun.



Again on the 1st of the month, we have the beginning of the end for Cougar Town on TBS which has been a fun show to watch and I personally like Courteney Cox and any comedy by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Spin City) is worth it…at least in my humble opinion.

daredevil netflix


This will be the only TBD that I’ll put on the list, but the new Daredevil series on Netflix has my full attention since it’s supposed to tie in to an Iron Fist show and a Jessica Jones show (featuring Luke Cage, swoon) that take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Finally, we have the farewell season of Late Night with David Letterman beginning on the 20th. Even though he will ultimately be replaced by Colbert, I’m going to be sad to see one of the hallmarks of evening television retire after so many years on the stage. Love him or hate him, David Letterman is the last of the rare breed of evening show hosts. You really owe it to the guy to make his final season his biggest.

As for June through December, I’ll have to revisit this Must See TV list in the near future to help add more shows you should be catching on your DVR, streaming, smartphone, whatever. This is going to shape up to be one hell of a year for television.

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