Robert Chesley

Muppet Star Wars Action Figures? Yes, Please.

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I don’t need many excuses to go to one of my favorite places on Earth (thats the Star Wars gift shop at Disneyland at the Star Tours ride). But these sets of action figures just might push me there a little sooner than expected.

Announced by the Disney Park blog, these sets of action figures combines both The Muppets with Star Wars. Kermit and Piggy will be Luke and Leia, Fozzy Bear, of course is Chewbacca, Bunsen and Beaker as 3PO and R2, Sam the Eagle as Obi Wan, Camile the chicken will be a stormtrooper, and Link Hogthrob will be Han Solo. These action figures look great and I am insanely jealous of whoever has them.


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