Ryan Thomason

MTV Has No Soul

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The network that brings you such thought provoking cinema such as Jersey Shore, Teen Mom 2, and The Real World *Insert ‘Challenge’ or ‘City Name’, released their trailer taking a dump on the old Michael J Fox starred Teen Wolf franchise. I’m not linking to the trailer, it’s horrible, find it on your own if you want to watch something that will make Michael J Fox find a steady aim to punch these guys in the face. (Or maybe I couldn’t get it to work from this computer for some reason)

Apparently, instead of becoming a Basketball sensation with the really fat guy and other losers on his team, it’ll be LACROSS, which is so cool now. In movies and shows about rich kids. The new series stars Tyler Posey, who I have no idea is, but apparently was in Maid in Manhatten, so yeah, he must be GREAT. Unlike the Fox Teen Wolf, which was mostly just fun, we’re getting an ANSTY teen wolf, with superpowers to use his werewolf mojo to get laid? The first girl he lures in with apparently his wolf hairy chest and….fangs, is the daughter of the local werewolf killing group. I hope that the dad finds him, and kills him quickly, so that this series doesn’t make it to 10 seasons like you know it will.

The series will air the premiere episode on June 5th on MTV. So please, don’t TIVO, or set your DVR to record it. Just, make fun of it and move along, I want to in no way promote this show beyond this post.

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