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Movie Review: RED

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Yes, I saw a movie in theater for once. The occasion? Well it was my wife and I’s 6th wedding anniversary. It seems that the tradition we’ve had since having kids is that while we have 24 hours to ourselves, we spend most of it at the movie theater watching everything we can. We never know when we’ll be back, so we take advantage of it. One of the movies I felt compelled to tell people about is RED.

I didn’t know much about this movie, I don’t remember seeing any commercials on TV, or much elsewhere. I just knew the word of mouth was old people, secret agents, and old people. I knew it has Bruce Willis, one of my favorite actors of all time. So, this was one of the movies I picked, and damn was I happy.

Frank Moses (Willis) is retired, and looks bored in his retirement. He gets a pension check, that he tears up, only so he can call a certain someone at pension services. That is where bored Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) steps in. They seem to have a great telephone relationship, and Moses is obviously into her. Things go downhill when his house is attack and people try to kill him, he immediately knows she is in danger and tries to keep her safe. The movie only takes off from there. When Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren join in the fun, the movie just takes you for a long great ride. Hands down, John Malkovich as the insane, funny, and paranoid Marvin Boggs, was my favorite part of the movie.

It’s got good action, humor, smarts and honestly, just oozes class. This is something I’m going to pick up when it comes out on DVD. For an action movie, my wife liked it to, and she is never a fan of these types of flicks. So guys, if you want a date night movie that isn’t a romantic comedy, this one is a great choice.

Best comment my wife made during the movie:
Said after a guy who was shooting at everyone gets blown up by a grenade launcher, and me chuckling loudly. “Why do guys always find that funny?”

Because it just is hun, it just is.

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