Movie Briefs #4: Mustache Enthusiasts

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All this with one lung and 300 lbs of red meat in his colon.

Join us as we ramble our way through two of the best westerns (not the motel!) ever made; plus hear my theory about trying to defend our love for Mean Girls while discussing Easy A.On this episode we feel let down by Easy A, then we discuss the 1969 and 2010 versions of True Grit. I try not to gush about John Wayne too much while Coop and I review the original. I think I did OK. Chris is the only one to have seen the 2010 version, and boy does he discuss the hell out of it. With himself. Also, a special shout out to Chris for editing this week’s ep. Next time he will uncheck the “make it sound like shit” box while he’s converting it.

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