Movie Briefs #1 (Formerly ASP)

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Hello to all you out there in the internet! It’s been a long time, and we shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to. But now we’re back, and your favorite movie podcast (read: favorite after every other movie podcast available) is here to soothe you.

This one’s a little old, but it’s a gem! On this episode we reviewed action comic book adaptation RED, indie drama The Good Heart, and John Carpenter’s classic horror film The Thing. Actually, Ben and Cooper review them, Chris couldn’t be bothered to, y’know, watch movies for our movie podcast. He laughs at my jokes though, which is why we’re friends.

You can still find us under Giant-size podcast because we keep forgetting to ask Xopher for our own corner.

[gplayer href=”″]Movie Briefs #1[/gplayer]

Click here for awesomeness: Movie Briefs #1

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