Evan Burkey

Mother 3 Fan Translation Is Out Today, Nerds Everywhere Rejoice

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Let me just clear my throat and say: “HOLY SWEET AWESOME ON A STICK, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!’

Ok, now that I have that out of my system… The fan translation for Mother 3 was released today! This patch has been years in the making, since a group of fans announced they were working on a translation way back in 2006. Fans of the series, such as myself, have been waiting with bated breath for a chance to play Mother 3 since it was released in Japan. I don’t think I can truly express how badly I’ve wanted to play Mother 3. I’ve played through Earthbound (aka Mother 2 in Japan) more times than I can remember, and enjoyed the game every single time.

So what I am trying to say here is PLAY THIS GAME. Download a ROM, go to the translation’s site and download the patch, and enjoy the wonders of the Mother series. My whole weekend schedule has been wiped for this, and I advise you do the same.

On a related note, there is a link on the translator’s site to a small page named “Top Secret“. From the Youtube video and screenshots posted, it looks like their next project is the GBA port of Mother 1 and 2. This much awesome news in one day is going to make my head explode.

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