Most Of Monty Python Back For Animated Film

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John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Micheal Palin and Terry Jones have signed up to provide their voice for a 3D Animated Film based on the 1980 memoirs of the late Graham Chapman, which is due out next Spring. You may notice the lack of Eric Idle, who is not involved for an undisclosed reason. Maybe he should stop being so silly. Anyway, the film is called A Liar’s Autobiography and is being worked on by Bill Jones, Ben Timlett and Jeff Simpson. They’re working carefully with the present Pythons and the Chapman Estate to make sure the film meets ours and the Python’s expectations. Yes it’s in 3D, but there will be a 2D version too. As for the animation, it’s being split up into chapters of the film that will all have different styles, and I’d hope to see plenty of Python touches on them, particularly from Terry Gilliam. It’s just a shame that Eric Idle is not involved, since all of the other Pythons are and voice recordings from Graham Chapman on his memoirs are being provided. Apparently the film-makers are “working” on him though. It’s almost like The Beatles working on Free As A Bird and Real Love, except with Pythons and a zombie Chapman instead of a zombie Lennon. Probably.

Source: The Telegraph

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