Morning Glories #1

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The biggest reason I picked up Morning Glories?  The $3.99 cover price for 44 pages of story, no ads.  Well, that and my comic book store owner gave it a good recommend.

Worth it?  Yes, but do not expect to be satisfied with one issue.

The reason for this need for more is that Morning Glories writer/creator Nick Spensor calls this comic book Lost meets Runaways (from the interview with Comic Book Resources).  The whole point of the first issue seems to be just for asking questions–and not giving answers.  Many characters are introduced, and Mr. Spensor puts effort into building their background.

Mr. Spensor is also the writer of Existence 2.0 and Existence 3.0. The artist is Joe Eisma,  who also helped with the art on Existence 3.0.  I like the art.  The lines are sharp and the colors (by Alex Sollazo) are clear.

To reiterate, the point of this issue is to get you hooked:  $3.99 for 44 pages of pure story is a good deal.  I guess I might check out the next issue as well:  I doubt I will get any answers to my questions though, probably just more questions.

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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