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Morning Cup o’ Music

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Welcome back to Monday, this means of course that it’s the first day of a new series of Morning Cup o’ Music. This week’s theme is brought to you buy ME! I will be playing five of my top favorites from my video game soundtrack collection this week.

First up, I’m going to start with one of the best pieces of 16-bit music I’ve ever heard from Secret of Mana. This game…I have trouble putting into words how I truly feel about it. It’s honestly my favorite game of all time hands down.

I love all the Square Soft classics, but for me…much of my pre-teen years were spent wandering around the world from this game, and whenever I hear this track, I’m immediately put back into that mindset and I’m a child again. Here’s “Into the Thick of it” from the game’s OST by Hiroki Kikuta.

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