Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Jesus…you forget how talented some musicians are until you go back and listen to them. Frank Zappa, probably the grandfather of obscure music considering the names that he chose for some of his albums is just one of those extremely talented yet underrated musicians that people from my generation just aren’t listening to, and that makes me sad.

Take today’s track as an example, the song “You Are What You Is” is the beginning of side 3 of the album with the same name (yes kids, side 3, it used to mean something to guys like me) and is perhaps one of the most amazing and progressive songs to ever get a video back in glorious 1984, yes…this song is nearly 30 years old, but doesn’t sound like it. Crap, I mean just watch the video and listen to the lyrics, even though some of the references are a bit outdated it’s still an awesome piece of work that was avant garde for its time.

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