Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Goooooood morning MediaWhore! Technically it still is morning out in my neck of the woods, so don’t argue with me about it. I apologize for there not being a Friday or a Monday track, but I was AFK the entire time so I didn’t have a chance to post something to make your morning’s a bit better.

Today’s track will kick off this week in the right way. Some of you out there might be familiar with my affinity for shitty techno, or even ska music, but did you also know that I’m a huuuuuge fan of some of the more popular 1980s butt-rockers out there? Well it’s true, and the track up there should be an indication of how far gone I am. I hope you enjoy your Def Leppard. C’mon…how can you hate any of the tracks off of Hysteria, it’s a great fucking album? “Animal” is just one of those tracks that needs to be on EVERYONE’S iPods and iPhones.

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