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Morning Cup o’ Music

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I had the video up like I would normally, but then I realized that there was animated boobs, vaginas, and a talking asshole as the judge...

There will be some of you people out there that think that I’ve gone completely fucking mad by including “The Trial” from Pink Floyd’s The Wall as one of the songs used during this week of 1980s kid movies songs. But you have to understand the household in which I grew up. Yes, it was a disturbing movie but in many ways, it’s beautiful.

My father, the Pink Floyd fan, used to let me and my brother watch just about anything that we could reach. The biggest difference is that he’d always talk to us about it afterwards and tried to explain what we were watching. It never bothered me as a child, I loved the music and it was a movie that used animation in many of the important scenes.

Or it could be that I’m just slightly fucked up in head and have the 80s to blame for it all.

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