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Morning Cup o’ Music

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I can tell a lot about someone when I mention the name Henry Rollins. Strange, but true.

Depending on how well their face changes to a look of abject cluelessness or a smile, I know almost immediately whether I will get along with someone. You see, good ol’ Hank Rollins has been many people in his 51 years alive on this planet, from punk frontman to poet and all the way to inspirational speaker.

For me, the guy is and was a demigod. I had many of his albums, a good portion of his books, and hours and hours of his spoken word on CD. His work with The Rollins Band, independent of who was actually backing the aggresively shirtless and angry vocalist, remains in my mind some of the best workout music you can listen to. The way that Henry blares at the same tone on each song makes you feel like he’s doing all the yelling for you.

Today’s song is off of their successful Come In and Burn album and is titled “Starve”. This is a good way to get your Monday started no matter how you cut it.

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