Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Following the realization that he was being watched and followed by not only Dr. Light, but also Wily’s murderbot, Joe battles the red-eyed foe for his life.

Today’s song, and the last one for the week of The Protomen is all about Joe coming to terms with the fact that he is in fact facing down a hulking assassin in the form of a robot with a giant knife and a holstered pistol.

The track “Keep Quiet” is titled that way because the people of Wily’s city have learned to not have any bad words for their leader or the glorious city they live in lest they be killed by Light’s Monster. Joe, isn’t having any more of that. Instead of backing down and accepting his fate, he decided to fight back and ultimately wins the battle against the robot.

I sincerely hope that you give these guys a chance because I haven’t been this nerded about a group in a long time. If they ever come to town, I plan on being there. Hell, I might just have to do a convention just to see them live…which I am willing to do.

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