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Morning Cup o’ Music

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Last week, we blew your socks off with the NES cover band The Minibosses…this week I’m feeling like giving you a whole week of The Protomen.

If you’ve been on the website before you probably had already seen me fapping about these guys once or twice…or never because nobody should be subject to watching me fap. Well anyhow, The Protomen are a group from Tennessee who decided that they’d take Capcom’s Blue Bomber (aka Megaman) and give that character and universe the ol’ Battlestar Galactica overhaul, complete with dystopian future, robot assassins, and anything else you can think of to turn the usually fluffy series into something…METAL.

Today’s track is off their debut album, which is self-titled but known to fans as Act I, the song “The Will of One” is basically Megaman saying to himself and Dr. Light that he will not stand for letting Protoman’s death at the hands of Dr. Wily go unavenged, and he sets out on his mission to destroy the evil Dr.

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