Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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You’ve survived the week intact, and for your reward, I am glad to present to you the final Minibosses track. Think of it as the final boss of the Minibosses.

What better way to send you on your way for the week than giving you one of the group’s most hardcore renditions of a NES classic. If you were around long enough to play games like Ninja Gaiden, then I’m sure you know what I mean when you would leave the Nintendo on just to watch the opening sequence over and over again. We didn’t have FMV or rendered polygons back then kids, about the only cutscenes we got were at the beginning of the game or in really horrible Engrish.

This track is also available on Brass like many of the other’s that I’ve shared this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little romp through the Minibosses catalog. Starting Monday we’ll be back with another week of MCoM, though I haven’t really thought of a theme just yet. Catch you then!

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