Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Seeing how WPR has managed to land an interview with one of the more amazing groups in gaming music, I think it’s only right to devote a whole damn week to their work. Ladies and gentlemen, this is day one of Minibosses week at WPR.

Today’s song is a medley from the classic NES platformer Wizards and Warriors. I don’t really recall if you can find this on any of their studio albums or if its on any of the live albums either, but nevertheless you can easily find anything you want on YouTube. However if you really want to support this band (they’ve got kids to feed too you know!) check out their website HERE to order some gear or download some of their harder to find songs.

This track got picked mainly because Wizards and Warriors is a pretty obscure game which I’d warrant that many of the so-called retro gamers never dove into. Prove me wrong in the comments below.

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