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I think today I’m going to throw you a bit of a curveball. Instead of a group who uses gaming music as their medium, how about a group that is inspired by videogames and base their entire work on one game in particular.

The Protomen, a Nashville based band, are a group of musicians who were inspired by the Mega Man mythos to create two excellent albums that expand their thoughts on the story behind Dr. Light and Dr. Wily’s eternal battle.

While their first album is a gaming geek’s wet dream, the second album simply titled Act II: The Father of Death is one of the few pieces of music that actually causes me to get misty eyed when listening to it. Today’s track, “Breaking Out” is about an original character named Joe (who ultimately joins up with Dr. Light against Dr. Wily and dies doing so) attempting to leave the utopian metropolis that is ruled by Dr. Wily and is pursued by a killer robot in the next song “Keep Quiet” as nobody is allowed to leave their carefully crafted dream city alive.

See if you can notice the obvious Meat Loaf (the singer) inspired riffs thanks to Alan Shacklock (Mr. Loaf’s one time producer). Prepare to have your mind blown.

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