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Morning Cup o’ Music

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It takes serious balls to say that you’re starting a band that covers nothing but old video game music and there are very few groups that do it right. This week, I hope to share a few that I listen to on a regular basis and get you to appreciate how awesome the world of gaming music really is.

I discovered The Minibosses through an obscure and old podcast that to be honest, am not sure is even made anymore called “The Video Games Show”, they used a few clips from the band to introduce their segments and I picked up on them immediately.

Today’s track is “Mega Man 2” off of their full-length studio album titled Brass that came out waaaaaay back in 2005. The band does mainly NES game covers, but the difference than them just being rehashes of old chiptunes is that they do a damn great job of breaking down each layer of the game music into a respective instrument and even add an amazing rhythm section that might not have been there during the original song’s release.

I’m sure I’m not making sense right now. Just listen to the damn tune.

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