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Morning Cup o’ Music

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Hooray! Day 3 of the Minibosses and one of the most awesome video game inspired tracks ever made.

There’s something about the original Metroid game that came out on the NES…almost something transcendental about a style of gameplay that would continue to be one of the biggest sellers on any game system. Don’t believe me? Check out a little game called Shadow Complex if you haven’t already for the Xbox 360.

I’m not saying that Metroid is one of the best game series ever made, that’s pretty apparent from how well it’s sold over the years, but I will say that is one of the pioneers in gaming history for having free roam gameplay and completionist tendencies. I don’t think anyone here on this site or in history would disagree that Super Metroid is by far one of the best games ever made, but before it was Super, we had just regular ol’ Metroid and The Minibosses do a damn fine job of making me want to run to my basement to play this game.

Go to their website right now and pick up their album Brass which featured this stunning rendition of many of the game’s best songs. You won’t be disappointed.

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