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Morning Cup o’ Music

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I return from a long ass weekend in full on weeaboo mode, so prepare yourselves for a solid week of Kamui Gackt. Who’s that you say? Oh just click and you’ll find out!

I got turned on to Gackt (no pun intended) years ago during the era of Napster or was it Kazaa when you were able to see what other files people were sharing on their computers and I happened to stumble upon a user who had a metric shitton of J-Pop and J-Rock linked to their account. One of those artists was none other than our star for the week, Gackt.

There’s a whole sordid history of where he got his start and his solo work, but as I’m feeling incredibly lazy this morning…all you get is the video and the hopes that I relate more personal information on tomorrow’s posting featuring you know who.

Today’s track is “Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto” or if you prefer the English title “What Can I Do For You?” from the single featuring the same name or off of his The Sixth Day: Single Collection album (which has many of this week’s songs on it BTW). Chances are if ever see me driving around Utah in my VeeDub, you can guarantee that I’ll be jamming to this song in my car and if you’re lucky, you can see me singing along.

That’s right ladies, I’m full on WEEABOO!

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