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I love how Gwar is able to inject themselves into various parts of Earth’s history and still make it work.

Right around 1995, Gwar released one of the greatest albums the group would ever make (pre-rebirth as the current lords of metal they are) called Ragnarok chronicling the end of the world and how Gwar couldn’t wait to ride off the planet after Ragnarok destroys the Earth.

Today’s song, “Whargoul” was a staple in my everyday life back in my high school years considering I was one of those disaffected youth needed some excellent metal music to cope with life as a whiny little drama geek who needed to get laid, there. I said it.

Anyways, this track gets special mention today because I think that it’s one of Gwar’s most technical and has very distinct movements that culminate with Oderus haunting us with the tales of Whargoul and the tales of the death he dealt.

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