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Morning Cup o’ Music

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Just like yesterday, I thought I’d share another of my favorite anime tracks of all time. I think I’m on to something here.

If anyone has ever seen Macross Plus, they already know how amazing the music from Sharon Apple (Yoko Kanno) was. Today’s track “Information High” is one such song. This is the song that plays as Isamu and Yang are trying to infiltrate the Earth defense grid that’s been hijacked by Sharon’s AI. That 4 part OVA and movie are some of the finest examples of what Japanese animation is all about, and I highly suggest you pick up the series as soon as possible, even if you’ve never watched one episode of Macross or Robotech, it’s that good.

As for finding this track on an actual disc, I think it was released on the For Fans Only soundtrack a few years ago, but I managed to get this by purchasing Sharon Apple, The Cream P.U.F.F. single CD for like $30 when it came out…and I’ve never been sorry for doing so.

Weeaboo for life y’all.

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