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We’re on day two of the Second Stage Turbine Blade week of MCoM and I wanted to share with you the song that got me hooked on Coheed & Cambria.

Today’s track titled “Time Consumer” is just one of those songs that will forever remain timeless for me. This was one of the first songs I’ve heard from the group and still remains one of the most gut wrenching songs that I’ve ever heard…and it got even worse when I became a father myself.

You see, the song is basically about how The Amory Wars characters Coheed & Cambria, the parents of the two children Maria and Matthew who are mentioned in the chorus, and how they’re put in an impossible situation where they have to kill all four of their children by their own hands or suffer them to be disposed of by the Red Army led by Mayo Deftinwolf who says that it’s a necessary precaution in order to keep Heaven’s Fence and the Keywork alive.

This of course is just a convenient lie by Deftinwolf who was ordered to kill all the children because they are the only threat to the plans of the Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan as one of them is destined to become “The Crowing”. Coheed doesn’t want to leave it up to the military to do what he feels is a father’s task and uses poison given to him by Deftinwolf to kill his two youngest children as they are going to bed.

Yeah…pretty heavy subject matter for such a beautiful song.

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